10 Good Food For Healthy Teeth and Mouth

10 Good Food For Healthy Teeth and Mouth -- Teeth , this is a very important organ for us , without which everything would not be the same again . Imagine if you no longer decorated smile teeth white and beautiful .. Oops .. not to . Did you keep your teeth healthy to remain intact and not only with a toothbrush alone ? You need to consume some foods and drinks that will make your teeth and gums stay healthy . What is it ?

1 . Green Tea .
Green tea has a compound that is very beneficial to teeth , natural antioxidants prevent plaque accumulation , thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay and bad breath . Even some types of green tea contains fluoride which can protect teeth from decay .

2 . Dairy products and low-fat yogurt and sugar
Milk and yogurt in addition to healthy drinks can help reduce the risk of erosion on the teeth due to calcium -rich .

3 . Cheese
10 Good Food For Healthy Teeth and Mouth
Cheese is a product derived from milk that has significant benefits because it contains phosphates and calcium . Besides cheese helps balance the acidity or pH level in the mouth , producing more saliva and rebuild tooth enamel , as well as killing bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease .

4 . Fruits
The fruit is eaten raw can reduce plaque and massaging your gums . Choose fruits that are rich in vitamin C , because if you lack vitamin C can cause teeth and gums are more susceptible to disease .
5 . vegetable
Vegetables such as broccoli , carrots , sweet potatoes , and pumpkin are rich in vitamin A which is good to build tooth enamel . It would be very good if eaten raw .

6 . Shallots
Garlic is rich in sulfur compounds which are powerful anti- bacterial , can kill harmful bacteria teeth and gums . But eating raw onions give side effects , namely odor .

7 . Celery
Celery is a friend to the dentist , why ? Because eating raw celery will help clean your teeth and make your mouth produces more saliva which neutralizes bacteria that cause cavities .

8 . Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are combined with bread and rolls can dissolve plaque and help keep teeth enamel . Delicious sesame seeds are also rich in calcium that maintain healthy teeth and jaws .

9 . Protein
Animal protein such as beef , chicken , eggs and turkey are rich in phosphorus , calcium and vitamin D. Make sure you consume enough protein every day .

10 . Water
Water not only gives life when drinking , but when rinse water clean the mouth so that saliva can keep gums and teeth properly .

Well , that's 10 foods and beverages that are beneficial to oral health . Make sure you consume the balanced so that you can continue with a beautiful smile .

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