Characteristics of a Healthy Pregnancy

Characteristics of a Healthy Pregnancy
Characteristics of a Healthy Pregnancy
Characteristics of a Healthy Pregnancy -- Many ways you can do to maintain health during pregnancy, among others, by eating nutritious foods and avoiding bad habits such as smoking. But sometimes it does not guarantee all of your pregnancy goes smoothly. Even so, you do not need to worry excessively. You can determine the condition of your health by regularly consult a doctor. Here are the characteristics of a healthy pregnancy, as reported by Magforwoman:

Constant weight and normal

The first feature that indicates that you are in a healthy pregnancy weight is a constant and gradual increase. As you can see the reference chart ideal weight. Normally the body weight of pregnant women it increased by about 12 to 15 kg. During pregnancy weight gain should be checking regularly to a gynecologist.

Normal blood pressure

One of the most important factors that indicate a healthy pregnancy is the blood pressure. Recorded in many cases the presence of complications in pregnancy and childbirth due to high blood pressure. A healthy pregnancy can be marked with the blood pressure is in normal limits.

Normal blood sugar levels

Generally, pregnant women prone to develop gestational diabetes disorder. This disorder can cause discomfort to the mother and fetus. Normal glucose levels is a sign of a healthy pregnancy condition.

Body aches and pains

The increasing gestational age, the body will often experience pain. This condition normally occurs in pregnant women because of the pressure and weight of his body growing. So it's no wonder that many pregnant women complain of back pain. However, if the pain is excessive you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women maintain a healthy body is not difficult. Things - practical things that are sometimes overlooked by a pregnant woman it can be a problem for the health of the fetus is also when the neglected So here are 10 Ways to maintain the health of pregnant women that I share from head to toe. Hope can be done daily.

1. Keeping the face and the head area health

Often pregnant women should ask hair dyed during pregnancy? Heck should postpone. Given a drug used to paint and hair perming substances are toxic (poisonous). Sometimes there are also complaints of hair loss and grow hair on the forehead smooth become a problem for pregnant women. But do not worry it's only temporary nature due to hormonal changes pregnancy. Cleanliness of the area and the head hair can be done with a on a regular basis shampooing. Pregnant women should do a light massage on the face and the head for relaxation.

Pregnant women sometimes see her reflection when there are spots. Mothers do not need to worry with a dark or brown spots on the face (cloasma gravidarum). Things it also due to hormonal changes that stimulate pigmentation of on the face and neck. No need to smear a wide - range of whitening cream. After pregnancy changes the color of it brown spots will go away.

2. Breathe clean air

Pregnant women should be careful - careful choosing where the morning. Do not let the nose too long inhaling pollution in dense the roadside vehicle. When a pregnant woman should to Avoid the use of house cleaning materials - materials that contain aerosol paints, formaldehyde, camphor, and insect poison in the form of mosquito coils or spray.

If you must do the spraying insects, or cleaning with a chemicals use porcelain mask covering the nose. For pregnant women with a history of asthma should not be exposed to substances such as animal dander triggers of asthma, pollen, dust carpet, cold air and so on.

3. hand hygiene

Pregnant women should maintain hand hygiene also nails. Always wash your hands every time after doing the work and before eating. Like to keep animals? Be careful ya with a cats and rabbits and poultry. Planting flowers or maybe hobby? Use gloves to avoid contamination with a manure or animal waste.

Remember diarrhea sometimes caused by something trivial and trivial. But it can be dangerous for pregnant women. Body so weak, dehydration and gastrointestinal infections. For those who love to play with a cats, dogs, rabbits or poultry. Heart - the heart is also with a risk of toxoplasmosis virus spread through animal and poultry through the manure.

4. Cleanliness of body and breast

Caring for body and breast hygiene is very important. But for pregnant women who have a history of recurrent miscarriage should reduce stimulation (stimulating) draw - attractive young nipples during pregnancy because it can stimulate the hormones oxytocin and cause uterine contractions.

Note the breast and body hygiene with a regular bathing three times a day. It is very important for healthy skin, blood circulation to the entire body smoothly. Enlargement of breast size makes mom a little less comfortable at the beginning of pregnancy until the end pregnancy. Use the appropriate bra or bra size.

5. Cleanliness of the genitals area

During pregnancy should be more careful - careful genitals keeping the. Germs can enter through the infected genitals. So get used to cleanse the genital area properly. Wiping with a clean water from the front of genitals new section to the back of the anal area. No need to use antiseptic vaginal wash as it will kill the good bacteria in the vagina which will resist the attack germs were trying to get into the uterus.

Often changing clothes panties. Wearing cotton underpants and loose. Keeping the underwear are always dry and clean. Do not worry because it is whitish due to hormonal changes. Except when the discharge turns foul odor, thick green or yellow accompanied by itching. If no husband venereal disease should also be treated to prevent cross infection or pass each other during intercourse.

6. Special attention to foot area

Avoid wearing high heeled shoes. Pregnant women should not use high-heeled shoes to prevent the damming of the blood vessels in the leg area. At the time sleeping or lying leg always try the higher position. When you have to work with a high heel shoes heart - heart goes not to fall could be fatal.

Either occasionally also soak feet in warm water with salt. Husband could help wife foot massage the area while pregnant with a olive oil or lotion gently while sitting in a chair. This helps circulate blood, prevent varicose got worse, reducing complaints and soreness in the leg cramps.

7. Physical exercise and sports

If there are no restrictions from the doctor or midwife for pregnancy exercise, pregnancy exercise is important to conduct. The goal is that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, increase endurance, breathing exercise and accelerate blood circulation. If not could be replaced with a gymnastic exercise walking for thirty minutes every day.

There are some circumstances that are at risk of pregnancy miscarriage mom does not allow even have to walk a total bed rest. Yeah what may make, you should enjoy it. Instead on the bed you can do the Kegel exercises. Thank God could still get pregnant with a all its consequences for the safety of the baby.

Those are some healthy tips that you can implement when in a state of pregnancy, in order to maintain your health and the baby loved you, so be born and enjoy the world of air and warm sunshine.

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