Red Ginger for Health Benefits

Red Ginger for Health Benefits -- Red Ginger Zingiber officinale has the Latin name rubrum varieties are included in one type of plant rhizomes that have been known since long as a medicine and as a spice for cooking menyedapkan. Rhizome has a bulging shape of the fingers and on the sidelines of the middle segment. This plant contains oil that is very high so it was quite spicy. The spicy taste is caused by compounds known as ketones zingeron.

Red Ginger
Red Ginger for Health Benefits
As the name implies, this ginger has a characteristic red rhizomes. Nowadays there are many in the community are common as ginger ginger ginger and yellow. When viewed from its size, the type of the red rhizomes smaller size and fiber is also larger than the regular kind. Distinguishing red ginger with the usual type of course is very easy because it can directly be seen from the color of the rhizome. Additionally, if you taste it, it's also more spicy than other types, so you definitely will not be too difficult to tell which red and ginger which are usual. Because the taste is spicy, the red ginger is rarely used for seasoning because it will make the dish be spicy.

In addition, red ginger plant also makes parts Zingiberaceae tribe or countrymen retrieval findings. The scientific name for this plant is taken from the Greek language of Sanskrit is zingiberi while singaberi. The name was coined by William Roxburgh.

Since hundreds of years ago, our ancestors have been using ginger as an ingredient in traditional medicines, particularly in China. The rhizome was used in China as a traditional medicine to cure kidney disease and to help improve the performance of the functions of the spleen and stomach. Meanwhile in Arabic, the rhizome is also used as body warmers.

However, apart from this rhizome has some great benefits for health, ginger rhizome become taboo for certain people, among them the painful ulcer patients. Although the rhizome has a very high efficacy for natural treatment and can cure diseases, but those who suffer from heartburn should have to be careful or even do not consume as red ginger contains gingerol compounds. These compounds can be made into a hot body and stomach.

In addition to patients with ulcer disease, pregnant women are also advised not to consume because it contains rhizomes that can harm the fetus in pregnant woman's body. Although it should not be consumed by pregnant women, ginger rhizome is he good for nursing mothers because it is believed to launch breast milk. However, there is no scientific evidence about the efficacy of this.

For the men, red ginger is also believed to be an aphrodisiac or stimulant substances that can help treat impotence and also as a natural treatment for headache, migraine, blood circulation, break down the gas in the stomach, digestion, flatulence overcome, overcome rheumatism and muscle pains, influenza, and colds.

In addition, ginger also has an antihistamine effect which is believed to relieve asthma. However, if you suffer from asthma as well as ulcers, then you should not try to consume as glikerol can create irritation and stomach becomes hot.

Actually, if the efficacy of the rhizome is described of course there will be many. However, some of these properties remains to be proven scientifically to ensure that red ginger rhizome can indeed be efficacious for various diseases and maintain a healthy body. For cultivation way, how about the same with the usual ginger crop and can be grown in lowland to highland.

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