Wild Horse Milk Benefits for Health

Wild Horse Milk Benefits for Health
Wild Horse Milk Benefits for Health
Wild horse milk benefits for health --- So far we know milk comes from cows, but still there are other animals that can produce a healthy drink this, we mean that the animal is Wild Horses which also produce milk. This horse also produce milk and nutrients equally healthy with cow's milk. Consider the benefits of drinking milk for healthy wild horses following:

1. Rich in vitamin

Based on the study, wild horse milk has nutrients than cow's milk. The nutrients include vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, E, iron, including of calcium, of potassium and of magnesium.

2. Overcome inflammatory disorders

Studies conducted at the University of Jena in Germany found when wild horse milk can overcome some type of inflammatory disorders, especially inflammation of the intestine. Inflammation is characterized by the occurrence of severe diarrhea and even bleed.

3. Suitable as a replacement for cow's milk

Horse milk is one type of milk that contains a lot of bacteria and virus antibody, and horse milk is the milk of animals that most closely resemble human milk. Wild horse milk is also often given to premature babies to increase the strength and immunity.

4. cure eczema

Combine the condensed milk a wild horse and add the aloe vera. Apply on the skin of eczema.

5. More durable

Who make special milk contains many natural antibacterial components that make a long-lasting milk. Unlike cow's milk is perishable.

Other Health Benefits of Milk For Wild Horses

Wild horse milk is claimed to cure some diseases and improve sexual desire. Savor the legendary wild horse milk makes milk is much in demand. What kind of properties are actually milk a wild horse?

Wild horse milk are the most popular in Indonesia comes from Lombok Sumbawa. According to clinical nutritionist Faculty of medicine-RSCM Dr. Samuel Oentoro, MS, SpGK, wild horse milk contains about the same as cow's milk or goat's milk.

But wild horse milk has the advantage of being less protein than cow's milk making it suitable for babies or people that lactose intolerance.

In 100 grams of wild horse milk protein contained 0.8 percent while 3.2 percent cow's milk. Mare's milk also has a savory taste due to the higher sugar content of 6.8 percent compared to 4.6 percent of dairy cows.

In the every 100 grams of milk a wild horse produces 44 calories, less than cow milk is 64 calories so it makes people who do not drink milk fat fast horse. Broadly similar wild horse milk with milk from other animals, there are only essary slightly depending on where the animals live.

Wild horse milk equal to milk from the other animals such as cows and goats that contain protein, carbohydrates, lactose, fat, of calcium and minerals such as of potassium and of magnesium.

It's just a different language is a wild horse because the food is obtained by horses coming from natural forests and so are considered more beneficial. Good horse milk for protein digestion because chains are more easily digested. With a healthy digestive then people will be more fit.

It was then believed that the horse milk can increase sexual arousal when the actual efficacy of horse milk to good digestion and nutritional needs are met.

Milk is known to contain high levels of protein, and protein is one of the materials needed by the body cells to function optimally. Cells in the body to function and adapt to receive information (balance) with the information it receives. So if the cell is good then it will function properly.

So, if you want to drink milk bronco suppose the other properties such as drinking milk is healthy because a lot of nutritional value, not as effectual cure disease or enhance sexual arousal.

4 Major Benefits of eating 'coconut milk' For Health

Coconut milk or coconut milk called turned out to have a good nutrition for the body. There are at least four major benefits to be gained when eating 'coconut milk'. Check out more as reported by the Live Strong following.

Balancing weight
A research states otherwise healthy eating fatty foods can actually make fat. So get your intake of healthy fats 'coconut milk' for the sake of balancing the weight.

Boost the immune system
'Coconut Milk' contains lauric acid which is an anti-microbial agents, anti-fungal, and anti-virus. So eat 'coconut milk' can improve the immune system and prevent various diseases.

Lowers the risk of heart disease
Another study explained that the consumption of 'coconut milk' is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Because medium chain fatty acids that kill bacteria that cause clotting within the arteries.

Healthy skin and hair
'Coconut Milk' also gives its own properties for the skin and hair. In addition to consumption, coconut milk can be used as a skin and hair mask to make both parts of the body more soft and shiny.

That's the main properties of 'coconut milk' or coconut milk. In addition to be used as food ingredients such as opportunistic or curry, coconut milk can also be processed into fresh healthy drinks like a compote.

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