Benefits of Native Chicken Eggs for Health

Benefits of Native Chicken Eggs for Health -- This world kind of eggs that can be consumed by humans are very much at all and come from a variety of animal species, there are chicken eggs, chicken eggs Affairs, quail eggs, kavilar, goose eggs, duck eggs and turkey eggs. But that is often exploited and taken his usefulness to a mixture of herbs and health are chicken eggs and duck eggs.

Then on the times I will try to discuss about what are the benefits of chicken eggs for the health of our bodies. Before entering the main topic of the benefits of chicken eggs, little references about chicken eggs.

Suit of its name is derived from chicken eggs themselves are usually allowed in neighborhood residents (village), not the result of laying hens (domestic chicken / chicken), eggs are used to make the herbal mixture. And as an example STMJ also made from chicken eggs.

Chicken egg chicken eggs preferable to the other, due to various reasons it tastes more delicious than an egg course this type have more benefits than other types of chicken eggs, and one of them surely as our bodies healthy eggs.

Why are chicken eggs can nourish the body? This is because this type of egg is rich in substances have a fairly complete, and include the following: absence of vitamin A, C, D, E, calories, protein, iron, beta-carotene, Omega 3, thiamin and many more that others.

Well after a few references discussing about chicken eggs and what substances we can get if you eat this egg. Now I will try to review our main discussion of the benefits of chicken eggs to our health.

Benefits of Native Chicken Eggs for Health

Here are the benefits that we can get if you eat chicken eggs:

  • Benefits of chicken eggs
  • Chicken egg can strengthen nerves that exist in our body.
  • Chicken eggs could provide extra stamina to your body, this is because in the chicken eggs contained cholesterol are good for our bodies.
  • As an egg that can accelerate the healing process of diabetes, ulcer and coronary heart disease.
  • Eggs that are useful to restore facial beauty such as: eliminating blackheads, shrink the skin pores, tighten skin, reduce inflammation and as an egg shell that can prevent ourselves from wrinkles.
  • Can help our bodies reduce tired or exhausted.
  • As the egg removers pockets bulging eyes
  • Shrink the skin pores, tighten skin, moisturize the skin, reduce skin inflammation.
  • Works to restore the fertility of chicken eggs dry hair

As for how to treat diseases of the throat, cough, diabetes, and lung through chicken eggs Ingredients are as follows:

Ways of making potion:

  • Prepare the chicken egg
  • Prepare the walnuts, and honey
  • Then walnut mash and mix a little honey
  • And do not forget to also add the chicken eggs.
  • Consumption of the herb to cure the disease you are suffering

That's a little review about the benefits of chicken eggs to health that could be obtained by consuming them, or as a medium health advocates. May be useful for us all.

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