Benefits of Green Tea for Healthy Hair

Efficacy and antioxidant content of green tea is extraordinary, kind of tea is not only used as a beverage at times of rest or warm the body but also have tremendous benefits for health and beauty.

If a lot of people who consume green tea for weight loss that action is correct, but that will be discussed herein utilize green tea care and health care natural hair to avoid hair loss.

Hair loss due to several factors, such as emotional disturbances, lack of vitamins or nutrients, disease, infection, influence of drugs, hormone disruption, during childbirth or pregnancy, and the circulation of hair growth is not balanced.

Certainly no one is comfortable when experiencing hair loss, especially the collapse of every day would result in baldness for the sufferer. In order not to experience hair loss many people will do anything to prevent hair loss are experienced, such as using personal care products recommended.

But not a few who use the product-specific health products such as shampoo instead of getting a disappointment because it does not match what is expected, could instead only after the use of health products, hair loss is getting worse due to the products used do not correspond to the scalp and hair types.

There is no harm in trying and using modern health products, but when compared with the level of effective use of natural ingredients is actually no less great. Many people who do not want to take risk and mess around with health, so that using green tea as a natural ingredient of health care for the hair, in addition to safe and suitable for all hair types, of using green tea health care for hair loss has no side effects.

Benefits and how to use green tea for Healthy Hair

Certainly using green tea as a natural ingredient to treat hair quite a lot of benefits that can be obtained as:

1. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss becomes a serious problem especially for men because it can lead to baldness that has disrupted appearance and self-confidence, certainly not the only men who could experience hair loss, but also many women who experience it.

2. Beneficial to Strengthen and Moisturizing Hair

The content of antioxidants, as well as provitamin, panthenol, Vitamin C, and E contained in green tea is believed to restore the hair's moisture also prevents hair keruskan. For the content of vitamin C alone serve to protect the hair from excessive sun exposure. While provitamin and panthenol serves to strengthen hair roots that are not easily fall out or broken.

3. Useful as Anti-DHT

DHT is a type of naturally existing testosterone in women and men. Dihydrotetosterone This is one of the causes of hair loss, especially in men. This in because folikul on men's hair is very sensitive to dihydrotetosterone so baldness more likely to occur in men compared to women. The content of green tea works to help make male hormone levels, thus prevented the formation of DHT is capable of good premises.

4. Beneficial to smoothen Blood Circulation on Folikul

In these green tea compounds are folikul that serves as carcinogenic and antioxidants. This Folikul can create growth contraction of blood to the cardiovascular system and better function. So that blood flow to the scalp goes well with either.

5. Helpful to Accelerate Hair Growth Process

EGGG compounds contained in green tea can increase the dermal papillae that serves to strengthen the roots of the hair, clean up dead skin cells, and works to stimulate hair growth. With these capabilities, hair growth will not be hampered. In other words, green tea and nourish nutritious accelerate hair growth.

6. Helpful to Overcome Dandruff

The problem of dandruff on your hair will also make a decreased level of self-confidence, because of the effect that caused there will be a small fraction of white that attaches a lot of the clothes on your shoulders. This problem is often caused due to lack supan nutrients or vitamins in our bodies, so that the scalp becomes dry and dandruff grow by itself.

Securities that caused it will also make the scalp feels itchy. To resolve this problem, you can mamanfaatkan green tea as natural treatments for hair.

7. Helpful to Inhibit Growth  hoar

Hair gray hair that grows on teenagers or very young age certainly raises relatively less confidence. Problems like this are usually caused due to excessive use of hair oil and is not suitable, as well as free radicals such as pollution and unhealthy foods can also affect the growth of gray hair in teens. Solution coloring or dye their hair is not a good and proper way, it will create the more gray hairs that grow and damage the health of hair.

To resolve this problem, you can use green tea as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which serves to provide nutrients for healthy hair.

How to use green tea as a natural ingredient prevent loss beacon for all of the above points: First, brewed green tea taste, then leave for the night. When in the morning, wash your hair with green tea water to the entire surface of your hair, leave for more than 30 minutes, and closed using a towel. Setela that, wash your hair using a shampoo wash. Do it this way with routine 3 times in one week.