Tips Storing Breast Milk Save

Busyness so on, not to mention the work place rules that super tight, some women breastfeed their babies or rights by not providing breast milk. In fact, exclusive breastfeeding is a necessity and the best food for babies.

Now lactating women no longer need to worry. Breast milk is still you can give to your child. Here are a few tips that we deviate breastfeeding mother explained as a reference, so that the milk does not make lactating women suffer both physically and spiritually.

First let's set the container as to what would be used to deviate breastfeeding save. Certainly the best place to save the milk is made of glass or plastic with a lid airtight, eg milk bottles will be used to carry the milk to be safely sealed or using special bags for breast milk, because the cantons, which are not breastfed certainly could break when frozen in the freezer.

If the milk is safe storage container is found then the next step and must be done so that the milk stays clean up first sterile glass bottles or containers that will be used to store breast milk soap. Then proceed to rinse the bottle or container to be used with warm water to clean, if still doubt the cleanliness of the bottles after washing with soap could not hurt to sterilize bottles by boiling, if these tips have been done then proceed with drying bottles but keep in mind how to dry bottles should be a way to let the bottle or container that will be used to carry the milk to stay safe is by way of letting it dry naturally. OH yes, one should know that not all plastic containers storing breast milk can be boiled, only made from BPA-free are safe.

The next stage if the container to be used safely storing breast milk is dry, please fill the container with the milk but do not fill it too full of yes! leaving an empty space of about one-quarter or 2.5 cm from the top. And breastfeeding women should also know breast milk is divided a little bit on some breast milk storage containers, because if the milk is not consumed by breastfeeding your baby then had to be discarded because it is not good if the milk was stored again. When you store the milk to be safe then you are obliged to give a label on each container such as the date and time in order to make it easier for you the milk which should preferably be given to the baby.

Before giving milk that has been stored in the freezer of course the milk should be warmed beforehand, but remember if the milk given to babies and they left the milk must not be heated again to feed but immediately discard it. You have to pay attention to the milk do not mix the new with the already cooled.

If breastfeeding will be given to infants less than six hours you do not have to store the milk in the freezer because the timeframe that the milk will not be corrupted or stale. And you should not store breast milk at room temperature more than 3-4 hours. If necessary the milk is kept for 24 hours then immediately enter breast milk in the freezer temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, do not get frozen.

Here's how to store breast milk is safe in parentheses long time. you need to do when the milk will be used within one week or more, then the milk must be cooled in the freezer for 30 minutes and then frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or lower. Frozen breast milk can be stored in a timeframe of 3 to 6 months.

How to store breast milk is safe in the refrigerator. how to store breast milk is safe in the refrigerator should also not be done at random but must be stored at the middle or the deepest part of the refrigerator because these locations have temperatures are cooler and more constant. Do not let you store the milk on a shelf in the refrigerator door because the temperature in the refrigerator door shelves volatile due to frequent the refrigerator door is opened.

But we suggest you should not store breast milk in parentheses long time in the refrigerator for a long time actually storing breast milk in the fridge will make milk that could be unsafe. Freezing or storage of breast milk in a timeframe of more than six months can change the chemical composition of breast milk, such as the decomposition of some compounds occur in fat and loss of some compounds that protect against harmful organisms. And the risk of contamination is high, especially during power outages.

Thus tips store breast milk that is safe for breastfeeding women who we potion, but that should pregnant women know better if you were at home with the baby then give your milk to the baby directly with breastfeeding because it also strengthen the bond between mother and baby, while storing breastmilk only as a backup only if in an emergency. Thank you for visiting us in hopefully your babies stay healthy and our records only the best food for babies breast milk. (*)