Bikram Yoga Core Body Temperature Increase

Those who are fond of yoga, mostly out with Bikram yoga or hot yoga. Not as usual, Bikram yoga performed in a hot room with a Certain humidity level. Some Activists yoga, it could be like to do it. However, yoga in a hot room has to be done carefully, as it could Potentially raise the core temperature in your body. Yoga Bikram yoga is not as usual.

Bikram yoga is done in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity. With 26 standard pose that lasted 90 minutes. Heat caused by this, one of which is designed to raise the heart rate.  Because of the intensity and the potential to cause heat-related problems, yoga is, as mentioned Mayo Clinic , is not for everyone. Potential problems are also encountered on a recent study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise .

The study showed that doing yoga in such an environment has the potential to raise the body's core temperature around 39.4 degrees Celsius, could even be higher. Results obtained after researchers at the University of Wisconsin conducted a study of 20 regular Bikram practitioners through the core temperature sensor in the body. One man, as noted researcher in Yoga Journal , had a body temperature of 40 degrees Celsius at the end of class.

While seven participants, the temperature over 39.4 degrees Celsius.  This condition is worrying researchers. "Because of 40 degrees Celsius is the temperature when some people started to show some early signs of heat intolerance," said Dr. Cedric Bryant, Chief Science Officer of the American Council on Exercise . Although no increase in core body temperature, said Dr. Bryant, none of the respondents in the study showed signs of heat intolerance.

"If you follow the guidelines, healthy individuals can do Bikram yoga practice with a very safe," he added. Benefits can also be obtained from this yoga, one of which is the improvement of flexibility.  The certified Bikram instructor, added Dr. Bryant, excellent in heat intolerance pay attention to signs.

However, for the participants, especially those new to yoga, Dr. Bryant warned to know and be aware of signs and symptoms such as mild nausea, dizziness, headache, and mild cramping.  "Intolerance heat into a sign, that you do not tolerate the heat and needed to rest and find a location that is cool," anjurnya. Other recommendations, those who follow Bikram yoga should ensure themselves well hydrated.

Drinking before and during class, and merehidrasi once completed. with an electrolyte sports drink could be a better choice for many participants, considering aktvitas lasted for 90 minutes. In addition, make sure the yoga studio system chosen has a good circulation of air purifier.  Women who are pregnant, those with cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, are advised by Dr. Bryant to consider doing yoga exercises in an environment with a temperature neutral.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lobo, owner of Bikram yoga in New York was very surprised by the findings of this study. Considering he has never experienced serious heat-related problems, since the study opened in 1999.  According to Lobo, the heat becomes a tool to warm up to avoid injury and increase flexibility. Then 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing techniques of pranayama is designed to work in every muscle, tendon, ligaments, joints, and internal organs of the body.

The instructor, said Lobo, participants will also consider if there are any problems that may arise. Just as suggested Dr. Bryant, Lobo also encourages participants to drink water and consume electrolytes before and during class.