Hair and Nails Healthy Thanks to Six Intake

Waiting for your hair and nails grow does require patience. However, without proper nutrition, the process will run slower and not optimal. To avoid this, the consumption of the following intake.


Many studies have suggested that a lack of iron, zinc, and protein can affect the strength of your hair. And because the hair and nails are equally made of carotene, iron deficiency also affects the quality of the nail. To help the growth of hair and nails, milk is the proper intake. Besides being rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D, milk also contains biotin, which serves to make the hair more smooth.


As many as 97 percent of your hair is composed of protein, so you need to fill up the body's protein intake at any time to assist the development of cell and or repair. Eggs are also rich in biotin and iron.


Acids Omega 3 can help strengthen the hair roots and makes the scalp is not easily injured. For nails, which grow as much as 3 millimeters per month, the content in salmon will make it brittle.


Various dark green vegetables contain a lot of vitamins that are good for your body, especially vitamins C and A. Vitamin C plays a role in facilitating the absorption of iron, while vitamin A supports hair growth.

Yellow or orange vegetables

If these types of vegetables such as, for example, carrots and potatoes, serves to make it more shiny nails and dry. This type of vegetables are also loaded anti-oxidants, namely beta-carotene, which helps cultivate vitamin A for healthy skin.