Sushi Can Stay Away From Lung Cancer To The Active Smoker

Currently sushi indeed loved by many people, not only in Japan, but in the world. Food is divided into rice, raw fish, and many vegetables are taken, especially women, to help a lower body weight.

Some scientists believe that the Japanese among countries where the people are very common in all the world. Because, sushi in fact be among the very potent and efficacious drugs to get rid of heart disease.

Some time last course metaphor, some scientists have an answer that can make protection sushi smokers in lung cancer.

The Japanese love fresh fish, especially sushi. We thought it was a trigger, although in japan then smoke as much as in English, but the rate of lung cancer patients is not some running in the UK, said researchers from Japan, professor toshiro Takezaki, as written dailymail.

Campaigning to stop smoking for the health of the greatest preventive measures are mostly handled by the government in all the world. However, if the rate of consumption of fresh fish and vegetables high, so the smoker can lower a person's risk of lung cancer.

However, it must be remembered, that a healthy sushi sushi that do not wear too much mayonnaise. Because, if one consumes sushi plus a lot of mayonnaise, healthy instead obtained, however the disease.

Mayonnaise in principle have a lot of fat content, and mayonnaise are also among the foods that you need to be shunned for being diet. Then, if you are too much mixing mayonnaise, so vitamins from fish and vegetables in sushi can seem useless.

Actually, a good combination for the wasabi sushi. But, since that is too spicy wasabi has a sharp, for some people is not overly enjoy it. although in fact, many of the better eating wasabi on consuming lots of mayonnaise.

Most scientists in Japan have gained a compound called isothiocyanate in wasabi that can help avoid damage to the teeth. Not just that, also realize wasabi can help avoid cancer and an ongoing avoid blood clots.

So, from now on it change your mindset about real sushi. Stay away from too much consumption of mayonnaise, and became friends with wasabi.