Lower High Cholesterol Step Guide

Lower High Cholesterol Step Guide
Cholesterol is a disease that causes a lot because the oil content in the meal and contained a lot of fat in the blood. Most people when they attacked cholesterol may be uncomfortable and often tense because because there are natural oil and fat content in the food.

Indeed, cholesterol is acting for the first health system to help the formation of cell walls and is also useful as a raw material between the formation of hormones in the body. However, if the content of cholesterol in the blood have exceeded purposes, could lead to the emergence of various diseases such as stroke and coronary heart disease.

Cholesterol can be classified as normal if the cholesterol levels less than 200 mg / dl. Moderate amount of cholesterol was above 240 mg / dl, so the possibilities could be at risk of developing the disease due to causes cholesterol. Below is a step lower cholesterol.

Step Lower Cholesterol

Exercising Regularly

Exercising is a good step as well as lower cholesterol and can protect heart health. Cholesterol can reduce bad cholesterol levels, triglycerides. Regular exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day-to-day and can help burn fat and calories in the body.


If you do not have the habit of regular exercise in a way, you can replace it with a walk. A walk is a step that is easy, healthy, and economical because only need a pair of shoes. Aerobic exercise every morning can be useful for lowering cholesterol levels which in turn can be prevented and the risk of various diseases can be healthy for the body, for example such as: stroke, heart disease, lower body weight, protecting the continued strong bones.

Reduce consumption of carbohydrates

Reduce consumption and the consumption of carbohydrates and foods that contain a lot of fat is one step among lower cholesterol.

Consumption of saturated fats

Board only requires a small amount of fat in the daily diet, about 25% s / d 35% of daily caloric intake. Type of fat needed by the body and not lose fat, which can be found in canola, olive, and safflower oil, etc.. Not lose fat is useful to lower the bad cholesterol or LDL levels and raise good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol. Were also able to lose fat found in butter and palm oil. Tired of this fat can increase bad cholesterol or LDL. However, the fat in calories and eat well plus as needed.

Quit Smoking

If you suffer blood insistence or have high triglycerides, stop the bad routines such as smoking could be a useful step for you are working in a lower content of cholesterol in the blood. Tobacco bad for the health risk, because tobacco can increase heart rate and blood insistence.

Green Tea

The content Theanine is in green tea can increase good cholesterol. Consumption of 4 cups of green tea daily can protect the content of cholesterol in the blood.

Consumption of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, such as lemon, sweet orange, lemon, and fruit type that many other substances contained pectin. Pectin substance is a type of fiber that is good for lowering cholesterol in the blood. Citrus fruits rich in anti-oxidant content that could strengthen the walls of the arteries.


With sufficient consumption of 2 cups of tomato juice daily, this sort of thing can be useful for lowering cholesterol levels.

Stay away from stress

Stress can increase blood insistence to raise the higher the risk of atherosclerosis, which took place when cholesterol plaque accumulates in arteries. In one study showed that the majority of people, stress may be able to immediately increase the cholesterol content in the blood and can even increase the striking way. To reduce stress faced, you can read the article at the beginning of the step to get rid of stress.


Avocado is a fruit called a step between lower cholesterol. The fruit is a green colored oval and it is one among the fruit can increase good cholesterol levels in the body. This is because, there are 2 types of cholesterol, the bad cholesterol or LDL is better known by the name as well as good cholesterol HDL.


Consumption of soy or some of the products that have the basic ingredients of soy can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Daily consumption of soy can reduce cholesterol in the know and can control high blood insistence.

Control of blood sugar

Blood sugar monitored in a way that is not good, can lead to increased risk of heart disease.