Impact of Fast Food Bad For Health

Impact of Fast Food Bad For Health
Impact of Fast Food Bad For Health - Selecting menu fast food (fast food) is now no longer limited to block the stomach, but also has become part of the lifestyle for most people. You also may actually realize, that by frequently eating fast food can 'destroy' size-waist circumference, in addition to other effects on mood and thoughts. Here's a surprising behaviors are influenced by the habit of eating fast food:

1. Feeling Not Patience

Research carried out in stages, researchers from Canada found the conclusion, that the only picture on fast food alone, can lure people into haste. In another study, people who are not consciously see fast food logo and read the messages and then hooked to chase, compared with those who did not notice the logo.

2. Becoming The Royal

Fast food makes you more generous, even though no longer be in the restaurant. When looking at the logo or recall the experience of eating at a fast food restaurant, we entered into a mental 'impatient', which allows it to spend money for the sake of just satisfaction to the eyes, rather than save it for something in the future.

3. There is a chance that you are in Stage Moderate Depression

According to a Spanish study, 51 percent of the people who consume a lot of fast food has a tendency to experience depression and worsening health, when compared with those who will clean the menu. However, depression can also increase the amount of the consumption of fast food.

4. You Eat Too Fast and Too Much

Actually, not the food that makes you eat quickly. Research has proven; it is caused by the atmosphere available at the time you are eating. Fast food restaurant is designed in such a way, the ultimate goal is the speed you eat.

Studies also prove, that the faster you eat, the more calories you absorb. Bright colors, such as red and yellow, can stimulate you mentally. While the lighting is very bright and the music played out loud, make you race against the food in front of you.

5. Your Brain Addicted to Sugar

Many people think that fast food contains a lot of calories and fat, but many of us do not realize how big possibility sugar content in some of the menus in fast-food restaurants. In fact, recent studies have also agreed, that consume a lot of sugar can affect the health, ranging from diabetes to obesity. Brain scans have also revealed how sugar can make you addictive: the more you eat, the greater your appetite to it.

6. You Vulnerable to Messages from the Media

The human brain is very susceptible adolescents messages in food advertising. Brain scans also showed that the satisfaction of thoughts teen center has a great response to the advertisements and logos relating to food products, including ready meals. When compared with other advertising products.