BEDTIME Gadget Plays Risky For Health

BEDTIME gadget plays Risky For Health - Has become a habit of many people before sleep beforehand checking gadgets. Whether to read the latest info, check social media or just playing games. Tampa unconscious habit of checking or gadget plays before bed is bad for health.

The results of the research, artificial blue light emitted by the screen gadgets can damage your health and sleep cycles. The reason, the blue light affects the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that causes drowsiness. In addition, melatonin was also useful to slow the growth of cancer cells and other diseases.

In 2012 the experts from Harvard did a study of ten people who work at night. It turns out that their circadian rhythms change as the working hours. Their blood sugar to rise, so they go into the pre-diabetic stage. Levels of leptin in their bodies decreased. Because, this hormone that causes a sense of fullness after eating.

Here are some reasons why a habit of using electronic devices before bed or leave the television on when we sleep should begin to be abandoned:

1 Damage Eyes

The ophthalmologist found that teenagers tend to have a retinal stress levels higher. This can lead to macular degeneration or vision problems normally encountered in old people. In extreme cases, the retina that stress can lead to blindness. Additionally, the light can be toxic to the retina gadgets.

2 Vulnerable Disease

Melatonin deficiency carries a greater risk to health because it increases the risk of breast cancer, ovarian, and prostate.

3 Affect Mood

Blue light can also affect one's mood. In the study, mice that had low levels of melatonin would be more prone to depression.