Articles Takabonerate Well For Health

Articles Takabonerate Well For Health - Takabonerate is one of the tourist destinations beaches and islands in South Sulawesi, precisely in Selayar. Since six years ago the local government of South Sulawesi provincial government in particular make this destination as a national park for the local community, the archipelago and internationally. Well, what is the relationship with health tourism destination Takabonerate?. Certainly do very large.

There are certainly some diseases can not be cured with modern medical treatment, but only can be done by natural means such as visiting or visiting tourist spots. Call it the longer the stress, of course with the coming and visiting beautiful places that will give effect to the tremendous stress experienced.

Usually for those who mention the stress faced dynamics in work or life could not hurt to lighten the load by visiting tourist spots. Usually tourist town like visiting shopping centers or city parks become an alternative choice for those who have quite a bit of time.

But for those of you who have time to spare we recommend Takabonerate tourist destinations, here you will really feel the pleasure and beauty of life, running or just sitting on the beach will make the mood so calm and peaceful, not only that you can also see the dive and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world with a panoramic view of coral reefs and thousands of species of fish that frolic around coral reefs.

Here you will find a variety of fish that you will never find anywhere or in any country. So the South Sulawesi Provincial Government makes Takabonerate be one of the best tourist destinations in southern Sulawesi.

Sitting on the beach Takabonerate relax, while enjoying the beach atmosphere with a distinctive aroma becomes its own advantages compared to a holiday vacation in Takabonerate in places other natural attractions. Here you will be truly pampered by nature is so beautiful.

While at Takabonerate you will not only be spoiled by nature and atmosphere of the beach and coral reefs, but you will also be greeted by the friendly atmosphere of the local community.
If you, really serious abs visiting Takabonerate, it could not hurt you to learn more about Takabonerate. Takabonerate National Park is the location of coral reefs (atolls) the largest in Southeast Asia with a very high level of biodiversity.

Located in the Coral Triangle location Intiative (CTI), this location is home to a variety of rare marine life and protected. So it Takabonerate be natural and nautical tourism destination very interesting.

Takabonerate National Park is home to the third largest atoll in the world after Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands and the Maldives Suvadiva. The over all area of this national park is 530 765 hectares, of which 220,000 hectares is a stretch of atolls and coral reef lagoon with distribution reaching 500 km ².

With the exception of the atoll, the park is divided into 21 islands where seven islands one of which is occupied by a community of Bajo, Bugis, Selayar, Buton and Flores. This location is also a habitat so some bird species, such as birds land, coastal birds and sea birds playing in a lot of sand dunes.

We also give a few tips for you that will make your tour to Takabonerate. First you have to prepare physically, then do not carry the burden of the mind such as work load, so that during the holidays you will actually be able to relax