Tips For Ebola Virus Infected Physician

Tips For Ebola Virus Infected Physician 
Tips For Ebola Virus Infected Physician  - Last Monday a doctor in Nigeria reported contracting the Ebola virus, when dealing with patients. This report is very sad. Supposedly in handling Ebola virus is no longer a doctor Ebola virus, because this strain has spread in Africa a few months. Of course doctors and other health workers will already be vigilant when dealing with patients who contracted the Ebola virus. But still, there are doctors who contracted Ebola virus.

The doctor started contracting Ebola virus, a patient from Liberia to fly to Nigeria Logos. When detected landed a man is an Ebola patient. And get medical care at a local hospital a few days ago died.
Doctors who deal with these patients, on Monday reported infected with the Ebola virus. It shows that in the treatment of patients need vigilance Ebola virus, what should be considered medical staff in treating patients Ebola virus? Here are tips for doctors and other medical personnel when dealing with patients with Ebola virus;

• Patient placement: must be in its own separate room
• Personal protective equipment, consisting of gloves, masks, eye protection, and a robe.
• Tools patient care: both are disposable and can be in disinfection.
• Caution patient care: needles and sharps restrictions, restrictions phlebotomy,
• Tools that remove aerosols: limited.
• hand hygiene: be intensified.
• Reduction of environmental infection carried disinfection and cleaning the environment.
• Injecting safely: follow good standard.
• The duration of the infection should be closely watched: determined case by case, depending on conditions.
• Supervision of health workers in contact with patients: there must be five principles, namely standard monitoring policies, regulations leave, the officer handling the skin is directly exposed to, how to deal with officers who are no symptoms, and how they are asymptomatic, but a tool inadequate personal protective.
• Monitoring of visitors RS: rules are very strict ban tomorrow.

The procedure needs to be considered is in the hospital had to walk with very tight. In Liberia there are case reports of death, then cremated, because residents fear that the bodies are buried.

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