Six Great Benefits In Olive Fruit

Six Great Benefits In Olive Fruit
Six Great Benefits In Olive Fruit - Olive oil is one of the types of healthy oils that have been popular around the world. Not only the health benefits of olive oil are made ​​to be popular, but also taste and benefits for use in all types of cuisine. However, often people are too focused on the olive oil, but they forget the olives, the oil is derived.

During these olives have become part of many dishes. Olives have even greater benefits than olive oil alone. Curious what benefits are there in olives? Here it's, as reported by Mag for Women.
1 Preventing Obesity
Olives are one of the fruits that can be utilized to control weight and help lose weight. Olives are rich in unsaturated fats which can eliminate fat and lower insulin sensitivity. Olives also contain serotonin. Serotonin has been known to make us feel full faster in a long time. Serotonin can also reduce the level of calories consumed in a day by 200 calories.
2 Reduce Risk of Cancer
Black olives are rich in vitamin E which is essential for maintaining healthy cells. Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals that can cause cell damage and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Bowel cancer is one of the types of cancers that can be prevented by consuming black olives.
3 Increasing Iron in the Body
Black olives are also rich in iron. Meet the need of iron in the body by consuming olive will help boost the immune system more efficiently. In addition, with sufficient iron, the flow of oxygen in the blood will be more effective. Iron deficiency can damage the tissue.
4 Healthy Heart
Olives contain healthy fats that can neutralize free radicals and cleanse fatty deposits in the arteries. Olives also increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body and can lower the risk of heart disease.
5. Relieves Pain
Olives known as antioxidants and anti-inflammation agent who works as a natural ibuprofen. Olive oil can provide anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve pain.
6. Eye Health
Olives contain vitamin A 10 percent recommended to be consumed daily. Therefore, the olive is also very good for maintaining eye health. Olives will help the eye's ability to distinguish light and dark. Vitamin A in olive also lowers the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diseases related to the field of vision.

That's the health benefits of olives. Either green or black olives contain many nutrients that can help prevent some types of diseases and provide many benefits to health. Do not hesitate to add olives and olive oil in your cooking.

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