Killer Foods Cancer Cells

Killer Foods Cancer Cells - One of the most terrible diseases to humans is Cancer. So that various attempts were made to ward off cancer, which can affect anyone, be it children or adults. Many precautions taken to avoid cancer is to avoid foods that can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the organs of the body.
There is also conducting prevention efforts to eat healthy and nutritious foods. For those of you who already have the disease, we offer a healthy way overcome cancer with healthy meals, the kind of food that we offer can give you the strength to fight cancer and boost the immune system.

What are the healthy foods that we offer to you against cancer cells that already you suffered. And of course the materials that we offer not only help fight the cancer cells but also will slowly kill the cancer cells.
We start from one of the spices in it contains high levels of antioxidants called 'Turmeric' substances contained in it is able to reduce the formation of metastasis or spread of cancer cells from one organ to another organ.

Wine, which contains resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound, is certainly very good as antioxidants to the body, consuming this type of fruit regularly can increase the red blood cells.

All must already know the benefits of green tea, in addition to losing weight can also kill cancer cells. Therefore, you should drink green tea at least twice a day to boost immunity.

For those of you who do not like tomato consumption, have now better start getting used to the consumption of tomatoes, carotenoids and lycopene contained in them very go kill cancer cells. Tomatoes can also reduce a variety of other dangerous diseases such as heart disease.

Want to kill cancer cells quickly, easily. But specifically for vegetable lovers, for those who suffer from cancer is to eat healthy vegetables best that can kill cancer cells very quickly, one type of vegetable that is very good is the kind of purple cabbage.

When talking vegetables, would not be separated from the fruit instead? According we all already know if the fruit has tremendous benefits for health, especially against cancer cells, but preferably if to kill cancer cells choose dark fruit. Pomegranate example, because the type of dark fruit can increase the body's cellular DNA repair specifically against cancer cells.

Indeed, this one is not a type of fruit and vegetables but additional ingredients ie salt when cooking vegetables, and should not be eaten excessively can worsen health such as high blood pressure, but if consumed appropriately instead it will help kill cancer cells.

Furthermore Garlic, natural antibiotics are helpful contained within it destroys cancer cells, so for those of you who like to cook should often add salt to your food, besides salt can destroy cancer cells also will certainly add to the flavor of each dish.

Next is the red peppers, yellow, or green, this kind of good in destroying the cancer.

Healthy food on a type capable of supporting medical treatment to ward off cancer cells.

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