Color Food Related to Health

Fruit Strawberries
Color Food Related to Health - It is undeniable that the color of food can increase your appetite. Especially with red food color. Lycopene, the pigment that makes red color is beneficial to fight the cancer and remove toxins in the body. Some red foods are also good for heart health because it contains flavonoids and potassium in it.

Please refer to some kind of red foods that are important to the health of the body following.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are high in lycopene substance in it helpful for preventing cancer and was able to repair the cell damage caused by free radical attack. In addition, tomatoes also contain a lot of vitamin C in it.

2. Apples

An expression which says that eating apples once a day can banish a wide variety of disease is correct. Because apples high in vitamin C and iron in it. Eating apples are also good to increase the amount of blood in the body.

3. Red Peppers

Eating red peppers are very good for health because antioxidants in it which is called Lycopene. This substance is able to protect the body from cancer and also low in calories.

4. Strawberries

One type of these berries on the list of healthy food because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Eating strawberries regularly can also help burn fat and detoxify the body from the inside.

5. Red Beans

Kidney beans contain a high dose of protein so consumed by vegans. These beans are also a source of energy and B vitamins that the body needs.

6. Watermelon

Besides good for losing weight, watermelon is the fruit of red high water content in them. The content of selenium in it is also good for calming your body.

7. The Red Cabbage

Although not sefamiliar like other types of cabbage in Indonesia, red cabbage save a lot of health benefits to the body. One of them is the high fiber in these vegetables. Fiber is beneficial to cleanse your digestive system.

Here are some foods that red has an important link in maintaining health. Good luck hopefully red healthy foods can increase your knowledge in maintaining health.