Tips on Maintaining Bone Health and Strength

Tips on Maintaining Bone Health and Strength

Have healthy bones and strong is the desire of many people. Because if we have a healthy and strong bones, we would be comfortable in doing all the activities.

But to have healthy bones and strong, we must guard it by eating food - healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some Tips on Maintaining Bone Health and Strength.

Tips on Maintaining Bone Health and Strength:

1. Improve Bone Strength Moves manner.

You can also improve bone strength by weight training. Due to the stretch you will increase the growth of bone. A study has been mentioned if it is not working out, it will cause the bone will be more difficult to become more solid and substantial.

2. Maintain Bone Health and Strength with Consuming Vitamin D

You can maintain strength and bone health by consuming salmon and sardines. Because in both these fish a lot of the Vitamin D, if you consume enough Vitamin D, your bones you will be strong and healthy. Because if the lack of Vitamin D, the body is difficult to absorb calcium properly and causes bones to become weak.

3. Do not Stress Too.

Try not to get too stressed, because when you have a high stress it will make your body produce the hormone cortisol, a hormone that can cause loss of bone mass. So this will make you have osteoporosis.

4. Maintain Bone Health Affected by Exposure to the Sun in the Morning.

You can also get vitamin D by sun exposure under the Sunshine Morning. Every time you sunbathe for 10 minutes then it will be able to reduce the risk of fractures by 30 percent and the right time for sunbathing is at 7 to 9am.

5. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Dangers of smoking are numerous, one of which is for bone health. People who smoke usually have brittle bones or kropos. As for the people who like to drink alcohol in excess of seven kinds of drinks for one week, it will cause the bones can not absorb nutrients from the food properly. So both of these will cause your bones will kropos and unhealthy.

Thus Tips for Maintaining Bone Health and Strength, hopefully the above tips can be useful for you to keep and care for bone health.

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